Agent Certificate of Origin (General, Pratt & Whitney)


It can be agents of Origin (General, Pratt & Whitney), and can be stamped
with consular certification;

Common certificate of origin:

1. FORM C non-multi-fiber textile stated book value for the primary or main weight
of the raw materials are linen or silk, or wool, which contains the weight of not more
than 17% of the textiles for the multi-national origin declaration (Multiple country declaration), a statement commodity raw materials are produced by several countries.

is the ASEAN Free Trade Area of the certificate of origin;

3. FORM E China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the use of preferential certificates
of origin; can do FORM E of 10 countries;

is the legal effect of China 's export products in the country to enjoy preferential tax rates in the MFN tariff reduction on the basis of further official
certificate. FORM A now can do a total of 42 countries and regions;

exports to Chile "gold certificates";

6. General Certificate of Origin (C / O);

7. Special Certificate of Origin
is an international organization and national
policies and trade measures under the special needs of a particular industry
for specific product requirements of the certificate of origin. There are canned
mushroom exports to the EU certificate of origin, tobacco authenticity certificate.